Sacramental Life

St. John the Bapitst parish family worked hard to embrace the spirit of the Second Vatican Council which was summoned by Pope John XXIII, in the 1960’s. Many Catholics brought up in decades before Vatican II, experienced this approach to Church, and especially liturgy and sacraments as a radical change. In reality, the Church was calling us to embrace our liturgical life with the enthusiasm and involvement of the earliest Christians and to enter into our celebrations with full, active and conscious participation. St. John's hopes you will catch and adopt this spirit when celebrating the Church’s Sacraments. We do all we can to guarantee that you will go beyond a mechanical and individualized notion of passively “receiving” the sacraments, and move on to a healthy sense of participating in, and celebrating our sacred rites as wonderful moments in your own spiritual life and in the life of our Church.

The Sacrament of Confirmation seals the Gift of the Holy Spirit received at Baptism. It is the point in our maturing faith when we claim for ourselves the gifts given to us at Baptism and deepen our commitment to live out our discipleship.

Teen Confirmation Preparation Confirmation preparation is for young people 14-16 years of age who have received First Communion. During this process, they will grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, their understanding of the call to discipleship, and participate more fully in the life of the church and service of others.

Contac: Macy Canasa

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